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to partake in "self pleasuring"
"wacking off"
"choking the chicken"
"knocking one out"
by rams May 21, 2003

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A term combining a racial term and a food product to demonstrate someone's coolness or ease to get along with. Simmilar to bro or homeslice.
What's happenin', niggasauce?
by Rams February 24, 2005

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Buttcum is a futuristic cum that will be available in the 2050's where the new "hip" thing will be to buttcum on your spouse and girl/boyfriend which is where people release a bodily fluid from their ass that is a mix between cum and poop but the catch is that ur buttcum taste like the best tasting strawberries in the world. Not just any kind but the kind that everybody loves. It will be a step up from roleplaying and before sex. spean speaner speaning
I wouldn't have sex with Bill but I'd buttcum him.
by RAMS March 20, 2005

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