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A legendary rap group who now have 5 members (r.i.p. proof well never forget you). Started out in the Hip Hop Shop in 1990 with Killa Hawk, Eye-Kyu, Fuzz Scoota, Bizarre, Eminem, Proof, Bugz, and Kon Artis. Then Killa Hawk, Eye-Kyu, and Fuzz Scoota left and Bugz brought in Swifty and Kuniva. Then Bugz died in 1999, so then it was left with Eminem, Proof, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Kuniva, and Swifty. So thats when the group rose to fame. They Released 2 Albums Devil's Night, and D12 World, which I think went multi platinum. Then 2 years after D12 World was released, Proof got shot dead at the CCC Club in 4 AM by a bouncer, after getting in a fight with a US Veteran over pool, they say Proof shot the US Veteran first, but they claim to have found the same bullet in both bodies. So thats what left them with 5 members, they will be realising a 3rd album in 2010. R.I.P. Bugz and Proof.
Hey, imma put some d12 on my iPod
by R.I.P. Proof D12 August 7, 2009
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