a rapper who appeared on Eminems first album Infinite. He seemed to dissappear after that, although he will be famous for the rhymes he wrote
Yo some people say I'm whack, now if that's right
I'm the freshest whack MC that you ever heard, in your lifetime
My slick accapella sounds clever with the beats
Boy I'm the deepest thing since potholes to ever hit the streets
Forgot a gold digger's succubus , my souls thick with ruggedness
With the mic I'm like a dyke, can't no nigga fuck with this
I got more Different Strokes than Philip Drummound
On open mic I bone your women just to keep my lyrics coming (bitch)
We elevated to new heights premeditated
Let it be that I stated they hate it now that they see that I made it
The escalated can be put to the test of greatness
Snatch the heart from MC's and I ate it
So I take it that's the reason I'm hated
To represent my temperment
If rap was a dick all you so called hard MC's would not be impitant-Eye-kyu 313 infinitew 1995
by ill skillz February 14, 2005
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