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Ghetto-talk is the usage of informal words/ slang in sentences (i.e wanna, gonna, yo, ain't, etc.). It is becoming increasingly accepted by most people in the world.
Example 1

'With an attitude like this, you won't be winning the national spelling bee.'
'But I don't wanna learn no more of that stuff.'
'What have I told you about using ghetto-talk here?'

*example inspired by Akeela and the Bee

Other Examples

'Hey, I wanna watch the news.'
'You shouldn't be sitting down with your phone in yo' pocket. It may buttdial someone by accident.'
'He ain't going to school today.'

Please note that the word "buttdial" has been added today (August 27, 2015) and may not be recognized by your computer.
by R-Ry October 09, 2015

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