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One of the most respectable Fraternities on any campus. Dedicated to spreading music and upholding high moral standards the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha are the most chivalrous group of men you will encounter. Oh yeah, and they will drink you under the table.
girl 1: That guy looks really nice, and hot

girl 2: Yeah, he's in Phi Mu Alpha
by R&BFL April 30, 2006

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An unparalled assortment of muscianly men held by a moral code surpassing that of any other greek organization. You know that when you are with a sinfonian you are with a gentleman and a man of strong moral fiber. There is a higher calling and Phi Mu Alpha has answered it.
Person 1: Hey i heard that Phi Mu Alpha was for gays!
Sinfonian: If you consider not drugging girls' drinks and treating people with respect gay then perhaps you should go pledge any other greek house.
by R&BFL April 14, 2006

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