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An act carried out mainly by grotesque mardy middle aged women from kimberley. They surf the mediterranean for cock with the main objective being to find the man with the most rape charges before making a crash landing on his grubby disease ridden phallus. They would return and tell colleagues about their phallic tales before returning to conquer the next unfortunate mediterranean isle.
She spent most of her life surfing the med whilst the rest of her time was spent in the GU clinic...
by Queen of Arts September 21, 2006
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Art that captures death, done by filling a canvas with various body parts from humans and animals picked up from murder scenes or roadkills.
That snuff art was soooo briggsy
by Queen of Arts September 21, 2006
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A short film devoted to the life and times of an ageing ginger artiste who makes it big by fucking, without consent, all the way to the top. Their huge success was short lived however as they contracted the Briggs Death and perished before doing their masters degree.
Can you feld it like nelly?
by Queen of Arts September 21, 2006
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It is said to have originated from an ancient cave man species, who being born dumb and unable to communicate, etched their messages from flint onto rock or any available flat pieces of stone. The concept of creating pictures because you simply cannot speak has since been lost, in fact very much lost in translation. Society now thinks that there is more to it, when there simply is not. These members of today's society have since imitated the original idea through finger painting, cutting vegetables into shapes and daubing them with paint thus transferring to paper and most recently through the innovative 'etchasketch'. Studies show that these people are somewhat mentally deprived, socially inept or just plain gay and therefore add this mentality into their work. They also think that it is more than just a fetish for all things crayola and the ability to use wax crayons and various pastilles.

Also: That produced by an "artist". It comes in many forms:painting, pencil-drawing, sculpture, etc. The medium isn't important as long as the creation is unfathomable to all but the exceedingly rich and outstandingly gay, who only pretend to understand it anyway and write protracted essays on it aimed at the terminally dull. Amongst those 2 classes of people a piece of art will often engender much chin-rubbing in bizarrely-lit art galleries. The practitioners of art are invariably pretentious individuals who consider themselves superior to all other people. In fact some artists take up the occupation in order to further remove themselves from normal, right-thinking people.
Two art collectors discussing an overturned wardrobe surrounded by tealights and wood pigeon feathers: Oh, my word Bartholemew, feast your eyes upon that. What a marvel and a supreme delight to the eye! I quite agree Sir Fitzgerald, it is a definite reflection of the social struggle of the peasantry just before the storming of the Bastille in 1789. I must purchase this fine piece of art. I don't think so Bartholemew. Only those from my social hierarchy could afford such a piece, I mean, do you think you could afford £17million?
by Queen of Arts August 21, 2006
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