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A form of cheating while doing pull-ups, whereby and individual struggling to do another abruptly jerks the knees upward to provide extra lift and remove the weight of said body parts from the lift equation.
A move, that in the military, will only get you extra pull-ups later for cheating so do them right and sweat it out.
SGT: " Gimmie ten more maggots, and no kipping or you'll be on KP patrol till graduation. "
by QuantumZ October 04, 2006

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Chuck Norris
The event whereby any ordinary individual is placed into a situation that demands certain, undeniable concentration, and encephalomatic dedication of a martial art constructed from the fragments of a mixed martial arts backgrounds, that which, elevates a particular homosapien to A.W.N.L "A Whole Nuvah Level" expanding the realm of the Corporal Mentalis to reveal the underlying Quantum-Forte de Karate, in da hizzay....aka.one asskickin' Son of a Sensei.
In the world of Kung-Fu there is but one truth Bruce Lee, and a gaggle of random other guys, and Cinthia Rothrock who have known or perpetrated knowing the realm of Autodefensus Asskickusapien.
by QuantumZ October 02, 2006

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The greatest kickboxer the world has every known.

Chuck Norris is not a force of nature; nature is a force of Chuck Norris.

How many Chuck Norris' does it take to screw in a light bulb?
There can be only 1 Chuck Norris, and then he will
roundhouse kick you in the face, smartass.
Hail to Chuck Norris or be dispatched.
by QuantumZ September 27, 2006

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