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ok, i was reading these definitions and i came to the conclusion that i have never heard anyone in my life say P-Town what a loser (Bamma 4 life). That was definitley not cool.

1. Everyone needs to stop referring to Maryland as "ghetto". Most people in Maryland are from Middle-Class America. Whether it be from lower or upper its still Middle.

2. Maryland is not just Annapolis or any other cracker-county or city you can think of. Where you eat crabs and sail on yatchs and love the Navy.

3. Maryland is divided up into 3 parts. DC Metro (PG,Montgomery,Northern Virginia also and maybe Fredrick county), Baltimore (Anne Arundel,Charles,Howard, Calvert,) and anything else that nobody wants to claim.

4. Even though Prince Georges county might be "ghetto" there is alot of contrast even in that county. You have the extremely rich and you have the 9th Ward (DC's Annex). P.G County is the richest black county in the Nation. Look it up.

5. Marylanders do not have accents. We just cant pronnounce the letter "R". Its Murrland. Drop that "Y" also thats how we can tell your from the north.
Maryland is one of the better states that was adopted into the union.
by Qu.Great November 16, 2006

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