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1. Perfection personified. Exemplary in every way. Flawless.
2. Women desire him, men desire to be like him.
3. Heroic.
4. Brilliant.
1. Then Steven Hawking said to Brad Pitt, "It's not just us who pales in comparison, if Michael Jordan was more A.J., he'd not only have more than 6 rings, but also would have solved world hunger and cured cancer."

2. Though his brother-in-laws were dim, they knew enough to yearn to be more A.J.-like.

3. Did you see that beautiful man fight off the pack of wolves to save that baby? What an A.J.!
4. The handsome, virile, and utterly breathtaking man was not only a genius, but almost A.J.
by Pythiagoras July 19, 2010
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Absolute best of the best. Ultimate leader. Ultimate athlete. Ultimate scholar. Ultimate sex symbol. Ultimate genius.
While building houses for the underprivileged, he came across the child being attacked by wolves and without hesitation selflessly risked his own safety to rescued the child. In the process of fighting off the beasts he had an epiphany and devised a way for humans to more optimally coexist with the nature around them. The child was not only saved but so inspired that he too went on to win a nobel prize of his own. Yet, despite the people's request to award him sainthood, the the truly beautiful man asked no accolades be bestowed as he knew he had the cunning and strength to fight off a hundred such beasts and would do it again in a heartbeat. What a harring!
by Pythiagoras July 19, 2010
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