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That sexy ninja dude from Naruto who is so much better than that little bitch Sasuke. His last name is Kaguya. He was awesome because he could pull bones out of his body and look sexier than Sasuke without a shirt on.

He also worships Orochimaru for bringing him up and loving? him.

But sadly he dies because he had to kidnap that bitch Sasuke.
Awesome Person 1: WTF? Kimimaro dies? Aw, he was so awesome.

Awesome Person 2: I know right? It was all that bitch Sasuke's fault!

Sasuke Fangirl: OMG! Sasuke is sooo much better than evryone else and he like totally owns!!111!!! And Sasuke is so sexy and hot and I love him and you guys suck for saying that!

Awesome Person 1 and 2: W/e...
by PwnKage August 01, 2009

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