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Eating a girl out while she is standing, typically while the other person is on their knees
Did you eat her out?
Oh yea, I gave her the ol' bipedal
by PutYourNeckIntoIt December 06, 2016

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A dance in which you move your hips from side to side while simultaneously moving your hands through the air in the opposite direction, as if holding on to the hips of a woman. Reference "Backpack Kid" in Katy Perry's 2017 SNL performance.
Flossing is so hard. I can't do it even half as fast as Backpack-Kid or Magdalena.
by PutYourNeckIntoIt June 11, 2017

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A derogatory word to describe an imaginary British male adolescent from the Berkshire; in 2020 the term was coopted by the alt-right in the United States to demean someone who follows basic hygienic practices such as washing their hands to avoid contacting the coronavirus.
Walmart Employee: Sir could you please wear a mask inside the store
Man in a plaid vest: THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON FREEDOM YOU ***** **** ****** SOAP
by PutYourNeckIntoIt November 10, 2020

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