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A venomous pitviper species found in southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. The species name is derived from the Tupi words yarará and ca, which means "large snake." Within its range it is often abundant and is an important cause of snakebite.

A character in any office, the quintessential snake in the grass. This person is as slimy as they come, does not pull his/her weight and is a constant hindrance to progress. Jararacas are reptiles in human form.
Ugh, Kate is always handing off her work and talking trash about others. I don't trust her.
Of course you don't, she's a jararaca!
by PurveyorOfJuice August 25, 2009

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After a big ant found in Brazil, known for it's large bulbous rear end. The term is often applied to describe a person of the same physical dimensions. (i.e. a person with a significant amount of "junk in the trunk")
Goodness, baby got back!
Yeah, she's a tanajura.
by PurveyorOfJuice August 26, 2009

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A feigned headache brought about by a desire to create the opportunity for a long weekend. Also known as a Friday Migraine. Used primarily by reptiles, such as Jararaca.
Where is Lynne today?
She called out, she has a migraine again.
Oh, you mean she has a Jara Headache, figures. It's Monday!
by PurveyorOfJuice August 25, 2009

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Much like its definition (spoiled milk), this term refers to a person who is past his/her expiration date. Not to be confused with mortality, instead, the term refers an undesirable individual. A person whose lack of social skills and poor general sense of hygiene impede contact for extended periods of time. People who fit the name are rude, smell bad (a foul odor permeates from the oral cavity) and have no sense whatsoever.
Don't stand too close to the nurse in the back, she reeks!
Yeah, it's her breath. She's rude too, she's a leche cortada.
by PurveyorOfJuice August 27, 2009

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