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Confident, beautiful, smart and just plain awesome.
That awesome cheerleader BayLee is one sassy chick.
by pureawesomeness January 21, 2015
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A male who usually dresses very preppy, popped collars, polos, ect. Usually they have a shaved head or fohawk. Likes or plays football, hockey, lacrosse, or any other sport that involves spanking or touching another players ass in congratulation for a good play. They will usually use black slang although most of the time they're white. There is no defining music but most tend to listen to rap or some sort of rock. When they do hang out with girls they tend to be "bro-hoes". "Bro-hoes" are pretty much the female equivalent of a bro who only go out bros and are almost as manly. An easier way to describe a bro is a preppy looking jock.
The bros are hanging around the *insert sport related place here* again.
by PureAwesomeness January 06, 2008
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