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Most people dislike popular people, because most people are not popular. Not all popular people are jerks. The thing is is that most people who are different: emo,goth, nerd, geek, and the likes might be made fun of or beat up by popular kids. At my school these are the kids who play football poorly and who listen to rap. Real atheletes aren't nesassarily popular, because they play sports alot. Kids who complain about the popular kids might have been mistreated, but most just feel that they are better than them, which makes you think who are the real jerks. ex: most kids who get picked on think that they are smarter or more artistic than the popular kids. It is true however that most popular people have little true friends. They are only friends because they are popular as well and not what is inside of them. Looks fade so popularity is sort of pointless in the long run. All i know is from my experience. And for liking punk music and being smart some kids don't like me. I, however do not sit at home like the unpopular kids are steriotyped. We do have fun just like you guys do. We are all people and I have met very few "popular" kids that are genually good people, but have met many great "unpopular" kids. The thing is is that both sides hate each other and both have a right to be themselves.
Popular kid: Wow look at those losers, they must sit at home alone and play video games. Man why dont they just get a life. Come on. He makes A's I bet he studies all the time. What a loser.

Unpopular kid: God I hate those guys they are such jerks. Why wont they leave me alone. Me and my friends will just go hang out without them. They are so stupid and will never amount to anything.
by Punk Rock April 04, 2006

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