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The worst show in the world. It's completely random, popular only with geeks who are looking for some kind of new comedic statement, and is usually against a whole group of people.
Screw Family Guy, so Simpsons!
by Pseudonym Taken June 17, 2009
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Irritating, childish, and low-life faggots.
Wow, you have every Family Guy CD? Get a fucking life, Family Guy fans.
by Pseudonym Taken August 11, 2009
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A joke, a fag, and an untalented cartoon character. He's just like Homer, except his chin looks like balls has no beard talks like a girl and his pants are green instead of blue. Also, he wears gay glasses has a passion for gay porn is completely random likes weird sex and treats his wife badly. Even so, his wife Lois is a common slut. He is the king of the gayest most perverted TV show ever where everyone basically looks the same.
How did they come up with Peter Griffin? Mix up gay perverse sexually obsessed and a smoking joke together and its a spitting image of the asshole.
by Pseudonym Taken June 22, 2009
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