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A Japanese term for cringe. It occurs in the second year of middle school, aka 8th grade. It makes you wanna die if you ever remember it.

(Idk maybe it is a real mental illness, idk I went through it too)

It makes you think that you are special, you are powerful, etc, when in reality you're just going through a cringe fest.

Also, you aren't the god of something or have dark powers or whatever,you're just a dumb kid who went through this hell..
Normal kid: Hey, you wanna come to the after party?

Chuunibyou kid: No, resent you peasant. I hath to tend to my right arm, which holds the power of the god of hentai, gigguk, yeah blah blah blah---

Normal kid: *visible disgust*
by Pseudonym for my name July 02, 2021
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