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A madlad is a dude that did something so incredibly extreme, so fundamentally unbelievable, that everyone just wonders in awe after him. Someone out of their god damned mind who did something that no sane person would have thought possible. It is often preceded by the word “absolute”.
Person: *does something incredible and impressive*
"Woah what an absolute madlad"
by Pryzm November 25, 2020
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1) A re-occurring joke popular on the online platform "twitch.tv" as a term used in Minecraft to find the "seed", (the code which is known to select the randomization of one's world) of the current world the streamer(s)/player(s) were currently logged onto. The joke comes from first from the streaming platform YouTube.com where people would ask their favourite/popular content creators - the seed of their Minecraft world in an attempt to remake it in their own time for recreational purposes. The joke, however, transferred over to twitch.tv as a command based joke.

2) A joke popular on "twitch.tv" as a term used in Minecraft to find how many eyes of ender in a streamer's randomized world. It is increasingly popular in the speedrunning community.
"The current world seed is _______________"


"There are _ eyes of ender currently in the frames located at __________"
by Pryzm November 24, 2020
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Popular English and Mayottesse name that comes from the Latin word "Alica" meaning "the spell" or "bewitch".
The name is most commonly known from the book, Disney animated movie and live-action movie "Alice In Wonderland" which sold millions of copies in hundreds of languages worldwide.
"I'll call her Alice"
by Pryzm November 25, 2020
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(Usually) Girl's Name.

Comes from the Latin word 'omzan' meaning : slow or autistic.
by Pryzm January 17, 2020
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