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She's really short and cute. Very pretty and good at school. Her parents spoil her because she gets good grades. When she's not studying she's usually pranking her friends. She's really funny, bubbly and likes to hang out at the Mall on the weekends. She's exactly like her father very cunning. She never gives correct information about her life , always has people guessing. Only her best friends know her secrets and they've been with her since prep. Filomena plays netball and eats a lot of fruit especially stone fruit. She likes to act dumb sometimes so she gets the upper hand, Ha Ha. She's acts like a child and loves to watch Planet of the apes. She likes Ceaser.
Filomena likes Lorry but he doesn't like her. His two faced and cruel but good looking.
by Proudhunter December 30, 2017
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A catchphrase used to express the great value of a gift, prize or object. It was used in the 1997 film 'The Castle', where the main character Daryl Kerrigan (played by Michael Caton), says to gifts such as 'a samurai-sword letter opener' that this is going straight to the poolroom, implying it's so tremendously amazing. It should be preserved and safeguarded in a secure place, like a trophy.
Matiese's passion for game hunting, sparked interest in Taxidermy. The visualization to preserve a recherche' cadeau would be fine to go straight to the pool room beside the sword collection.
by Proudhunter January 9, 2018
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