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From the popular Linkin Park song. You use this when somebody is being an angsty bitch and generally whining about their lives and how they have it so much worse than you. See angst
"Ricky's whining about how his girlfriend left him. CRAWWWLING IN MY SKIIIIIN"
by Protodude August 29, 2004
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Somebody so retarded, their stupidity can only be the result of massive ammounts of illegal substances.
Everyone who gives negative reviews on Fanfiction.net is a complete speedtard.
by Protodude June 24, 2004
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A band of these crazy mexican motherfuckers who make fun of gay people and really want to get laid. Generally hilarious and offensive.
Dude, have you heard Molotov's song Puto? d00d, they're liek making fun of teh gays!!!1111
by Protodude September 26, 2004
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