3 definitions by Professors James Kramer and Haley Sharp

A number between six and seven in base eleven. The practical applications are only evident in supergeometry and supercalculus, as taught by Professors James Kramer and Haley Sharp.
If I were to take bleen cubed and multiply it by the length of the superhypotenuse of the supertriangle, you would have the derivative of the identity matrix.
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The most advanced branch of theoretical math. All done in base 11. Used to calculate the temperatures of matter in parallel universes and determining the derivatives of the superhypotenuses of supertriangles.
Supercalculus let me find out how hot it was on Earth in those X-Men comics in different dimensions, like the one where Spiderman lost his leg and his daughter had to continue fighting crime.
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The branch of modern theoretical math involving more than three dimensions and supertriangles whose angle measures combine to more than 180 degrees. Usually much more. All of this is done in base 11.
The penrose triangle involves a fair amount of supergeometry.

Professors James Kramer and Haley Sharp are REALLY SMART when it comes to supergeometry.
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