1 definition by Professor Green Ph.D

A damn huge mo-fo missle. Worse then the Atomic Bomb by like 2,000,000 times, or something.

Rules for Handleing an "H-Bomb"
1. Dont let your friend (And you know which one I'm talking about) throw rocks at it. (See I told you you knew)
2. Dont try and use it as a flotation device.
3. In case of fire, f*****g run!
4. Don't talk about it on the phone, becuase the government is listing.....always....
5. Do not try to dress it up and tell your mom that you met a nice Afgany girl (...but you've never seen her face...) or just try to avoid playing dress up at all.
6. Do not try to ingest it.
7. It is not a snow sled.
8. You should not attempt to open a beer on it.
9. At all costs try to avoid reproducing in the vicinity of it (I don't know something about friction..blah..blah..blah..)
10. Don't listin to what other people tell you on this site (They might be trying to steal it and use it to their own personal plot)
11. If you see a flash, duck and cover. (When has that not worked? <Reference to that episode of South Park®, only it wasn't a bomb it was a Volcano...well its kindda the same thing {..almost}>)

For more information on Hydrogen Bombs
play "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" By Hideo Kojima, and produced by Konami
Take a Chemistry class at your local community college so you might be able to use your education to get money and move out of your moms basement because she's be buggin' me to get you out.
Move your a** out of the house or we'll "H-bomb" this mo-fo.
"Excuse me Mr.Terrorist would you like to purchase a Hydrogen Bomb?"
by Professor Green Ph.D June 5, 2006