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Better known simply by its initials (UFC) is as of right now the premier Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization in the world. It has slowly replaced boxing as the preferred combat sport in the United States (Boxing still remains more recognized worldwide).

The UFC has become a cultural phenomenon and has therefore become associated & attracted many undesirables.

1. UFC only fans are known as being very loud, stupid & opinionated.

2. The attire of choice is made out of highly ridiculous skull, bones & tribal designs. Some of the designs even resemble the eagle and iron cross as was used by the Nazi party.
3. Even though the UFC is the organization and Mixed Martial Arts is the sport the embodiment of Martial Arts is rarely seen or present as the major emphasis is on the entertainment aspect of things (Trash talk, nonsensical hyperboles, in your face attitudes & tired out catchphrases are the norm just as on professional wrestling).

Mixed Martial Arts as it was in Japan with the PRIDE organization was more closely associated with glory, perseverance and the samurai spirit. The UFC has shown during its broadcasts to be more about the business, entertainment & marketing side of it.
What does the UFC stand for?

It stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
by President of All June 12, 2011
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