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A post wall woman who's whorish lifestyle has died and left her, leaving her as an old, ugly, and bitter woman who will live the rest of her life alone and unmarried with her dildo and cats. They are often delusional about themselves and reality and complain about where all the good men have gone.
This girl I knew in high school was a bit of a slut and banged a different dude every week. But now she's old, ugly, and alone so now everyone calls her the "cock carousel widow".
by PreSchoolFightClub October 04, 2017
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A woman who has passed her fertility window and has become very unattractive to men.
After women hit 35, they are basically a post wall woman. It's like they hit a wall at full speed and their face got all messed up.
by PreSchoolFightClub October 04, 2017
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