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1. One who takes pleasure in commiting anal sex with someone, without that persons permission.

2. A homosexual man who undertakes anal sex.
Steve: Don't you reckon that chicks cute man?

Adam: Hell no! And your an arse rapist just like me so shutup dammit or ill.. **silence followed by the unspeakable**

by Poyda June 01, 2006

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1. An Australian female of lower social class, usually wearing baggy op shop clothes and old, tight jeans and a face full of cheap cosmetics that don't work.
No Shaza, or Dazza is ever seen without a pack of cigarettes, and a holden ute with a slab of VB (victoria bitter) and two barking blue heelers (type of australian dog) in the tray.
Usually seen "pissed" on thursdays after recieving money for doing nothing from the government (the dole).

2. A female bogan, probably named Sharon, called Shaza or Shaz by her friends.

3. The female version of Dazza, her husband.
Shaza: Daz, could get me some more ciggys (cigarettes) while your fetchin Baz from footy?

Dazza: Get 'em yourself you fuckin lazy bitch! I've been workin bloody hard all week tryin to get a job!

..Arguement continues throughout night..

by Poyda June 01, 2006

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