2 definitions by PotstickerLicker

When one heavy hands a liquid such as alcohol or cough syrup while pouring themselves a serving.
Rebecca has been seen lil wayning her rum and cokes after a long day.
by PotstickerLicker September 15, 2017
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When one has feelings to share and takes to Facebook to do so. Instead of writing out what one actually needs to say, they write something cryptic that prompts others to ask "what's wrong." This is usually when the Vaguebooker replies with another Vaguebook reply such as "DM me" or "don't feel like talking about it." This will then prompt the inquirer to not give a shit.
Kelly had a bad week, so she took to Facebook to do some vaguebooking. "Really wish things turned out differently."
by PotstickerLicker September 15, 2017
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