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A chill town in bergan county where 95% of the kids have a lot of money and the other 5% are pretty wealthy, too. Only half of them are stuck up and bratty, while the other half spend most of their time trying to avoid the brats. A lot of nice houses and cars can be found here. It's home to the Market Basket and FAMS, the middle school that used to be so cool but now sucks because of the gay 2004 8th graders... it's got a subway, a stop and shop, franklin lakes bagels, piazella, hallmark, and Ramapo Highschool, which FL shares with Wyckoff and some of Oakland. Pretty much, a boring town. Kids are called "flakers" and like to call it "flakes". A lot of the kids like to hang out in Ridgewood because it's so boring there.
"There's nothing to do in Franklin Lakes.. ever"

"That bitch in the Mercedes had to be from Franklin Lakes."
by Popster October 06, 2006

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