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Marxism 101, an easy and straightforward subject that extols the virtues of accepting mediocrity and abandoning responsibility. When the first subjective piece of reading in the book is the Communist Manifesto, and subsequent readings focus upon inequality and other typical liberal causes, a truly open minded person would realize (the readings ask you to open your mind) that the subject is quite biased in nature.
An example of bias can be found in my professor's explanation of Functionalism. "If you are a Marxist then you will disagree with Functionalism, but right wingers believe it is valid because it emphasizes the smooth continuation of society while ignoring certain social problems." Seeing as America is a right-of-center country (which cannot be argued as Obama only beat McCain by 6 points after the disastrous Bush presidency and his liberal agenda is stalled despite majorities in Congress) that values self determination and personal responsibility, the more accurate term in the context of American politics for Marxist would be left wing radical and the more accurate term for right winger would be conservative leaning moderate.
The upside is that the class is straightforward, easy, and designed to emphasize (undeserved) equality. Thus grade distribution is top heavy.
I take sociology because it is an easy A, it helps me understand Marxist ideology (which I can then refute by looking at the world through a pragmatic lens), and the professor is an attractive blonde.
Sociology is one of the reasons why colleges have a reputation for being left wing. It is basically a class that advocates the reasons for class warfare.

Damn, my sociology class is filled with faux intellectuals, kids with Che Guevara tee shirts, and hot blondes.
by PoliSciMajorEconMinor February 12, 2010
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