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OK, despite what some people think, and generalise, self harmers are not all emo, and don't all do it in the same way.

For example, a previous post described that it is normally on the wrist lower arms, and in certain shapes every time.
This isn't the case; people may also do if for any reason on their stomach, legs, chest and upper arms.

People that carve pretty stars and flowers into their arms are just attention seeking idiots that need to grow up.
Self harm is something that affects over 20% of teenagers aged 12 - 19, and can seriously affect people's lives. People who suffer from depression may self harm, and people who don't.

People, please change today.
When you see a kid with scars on their wrists and tear tracks, don't judge them; don't automatically call them emo.
Just be caring towards them;
Help end self harm!
Man that kid is emo...

No she isn't; she's just hurting. It's self harm; not a stereotype
by PoisonousLithium May 31, 2009

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Lead singer of Tokio Hotel, an all boy German band. And I'm sorry to all you Tokio Hotel haters, but they have extremely original music, and it sends shivers up my spine like a good song always does. That's how you know whether a song's good or not. And his lyrics are amazing. He's my inspiration form my song writing, and I love his and his band's music. All four together are actually just miracles and music prodigies. Nothing Like My Chemical Romance.


And by the way, I'm no poser. I'm not some sad little girl obsessed with him for his looks/ I like him for his talent. Which is real ^^
Poser: Did you see Bill Kaulitz at that concert, he's so amazingly gorgeous.

Me: I think you'll find the correct term is good looking, and he happens to have amazing talent too you know?
by PoisonousLithium January 28, 2009

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