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A condition that forces the driver or owner of the car to adjust and control the volume after any manipulation of the dial by their passenger, despite the volume level actually being changed or not. This is caused by a serious distrust of others and their ability to decide the best volume level for their sound system and chosen track.
John's got volume cynicism so bad he adjusts the volume up by 1 every time i choose a song.
by PloskJ January 08, 2012
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The first cancelled day of a school district brought on at the first sight of snow simply because the teachers don't feel like going to work. This most commonly occurs on a Monday, maximizing the chance of every staff member being hung over.
1: Fuck yeah, school's cancelled and there's absolutely no snow on the ground!

2: Must have been a premature cancellation.
by PloskJ January 10, 2012
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The act of a male to conceal an inevitable erection occurring in a public location often for absolutely no credible reason. Common strategies include visualization of overweight women or holstering ones penis upward via the waistband of the pants.
Dave got a boner during his best man speech. His attempt at cock fighting proved unsuccessful.
by PloskJ January 08, 2012
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