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Who is an addicted Player?

Many of us do not need to think twice about this question. We know all to well. Our whole lives and thinking was centered in the Lifestyle in one form or another. Very simply we played The Game to live and Lived The Game to play. For us, we were seemingly married to it. Shotgun courtship and all, we were hitched to the Lifestyle, like a plow-horse to the plow. We broke the ground and tilled the soil, planting the seed of our own disease as we went.

Repeated transgressions against ourselves and society by our malignant bride didn't seem to phase us. Even in the face of over-whelming evidence that we should cut our losses and run, we did not. Through out our subjugation to the lifestyle, we were treated like slaves, all the while throwing everything we held dearly, upon its alter for the inevitable sacrifice. She was a whore through and through-out, but we thought of and fed her our souls, as if she were a saint.

While in the depths of our malignant malady, we did ourselves and others great harm. Many have endured great sufferings at the shakes of our hands. We are individuals caught up in the gravity of something much bigger and more powerful than ourselves, who's desires for us are always the same: Jails, Institutions, or Death...bar none.
Eric has been to prison two times for selling drugs. When he gets out of prison this time he said that "im not going back to the Game, i'll work at Mc Donalds if i have to" Thats what he said the first two times he got locked up. But he always goes right back to the Lifestyle after he has been out a couple months.
I would like to believe that he will beat his addiction to the lifestyle this time. I know that he is an addicted Player.
by Players Anonymous January 25, 2013
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