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The Creatures, are a group of YouTubers, usually gameplay commentators, who like to play games with each other, record random real life videos and that way produce entertaining content. They know each other very well.

The Creatures currently include Kootra, UberHaxorNova (or simply Nova), Sp00n (Sp00nerism, TheCampingTree), ZeRoyalViking (Ze), DanzNewz (Danz or Dan), Dexter Manning, ImmortalHD (Aleks), GoldenBlackHawk (Kevin) and SSoHPKC (Seamus).

They also run a podcast called Creature Talk, and a website/forum called The Creature Hub, there videos have amassed millions of views gaining them large amount of fans.
My favorite creature is Nova.

Nova is part of The Creatures
by PixelSamurott July 29, 2015

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