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The pet mexican that goes to pinehurst, sleeps in a tent, eats pepperoni sticks and mr noodles, usually sings the cocuracha song to entertain his master.
Master: Pexican sing the song for a cigarette!

Pexican: La cocuracha, la cocuracha ya no puedo caminar (8)
by Pinetard January 19, 2010
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A bunch of pot heads that chill on the bleachers at their high school or a local high school all day and smoke cigarettes and weed.
P-sped you fucking bleacher creature, go home!
by pinetard January 05, 2010
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Getting to fucked on marijuana; to the point where you think you are gonna die.
Mother fuckers having an Ib trip!
by Pinetard February 04, 2010
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