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Muscle/fitness magazines that typically feature any number of roid-raging oiled-up monsters on the cover. Known to include some workout tips based on little or no scientific evidence, but mostly pictures of said jacked men in speedos. Approach readers of these magazines with caution as they are likely jacked themselves. Also, never mention the abundance of scantily-clad men in the bigazine, as this will incur homophobic rage.
"jeez greg... you sure do have a lot of bigazines just sitting around. Do they help you get big muscles or do you just like looking at the pictures?"

"I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!!11111one"
by Pinetar321 June 20, 2010
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Typically performed by sorority sisters immediately prior to a picture where one or more participants slightly bend their knees and lean on their calves with their arms regardless of whether or not people are behind them in the photo. Possibly used to accentuate the butt. Although scientists have still yet not found the origin or purpose of this tribal ritual, much discussion has been devoted to it's research.
"seriously, Becky is always bent over in all her pictures. You'd think she has scoliosis or something. I guess all those sorority squat pictures add up."
by Pinetar321 August 13, 2008
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