2 definitions by Pineapplelovegetsdownwithelves

Spies who do drugs, and instead of wearing black, they wear pink. ALL PINK. also they are ninjas.
Kendall: Lets be spies for halloween. ew but i look bad in black.
Cady: Dont worry! we can be rebel spies!
Kendall: YES! blazing it while wearing pink: BEST IDEA EVER.
by Pineapplelovegetsdownwithelves October 13, 2009
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A group of really crazy friends. It is well rounded too, like a ginger colored strawberry blonde with braces, a blonde who turned brunette with a crack personality, and the other girl who is the essence of insane. They are all different, but the same, and make life hilarious. Also they annoy older teenagers, their parents, and normal people.
Mint: I am a unnamable colored person.
Pineapple: I was a mermaid!
Kendy: I like to get drunk!
Pineapple: We are such a Healthy Breakfast!
by Pineapplelovegetsdownwithelves October 14, 2009
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