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The mot feared creature on earth. No one has ever seen one and came back the same. They always turned on one another when they saw Barrels. A lot of the world's murders are because or the effect of Barrels. If you come across a Barrel sit in a chair and it won't hurt you. A crucifix won't help but a stephano will. If you do not happen to have a stephano then please by a bag of onions and peel each layers to ward off the evil Barrels with the power of Shrek.
Guy: Did you hear that noise?

Girl: It must be a Barrel! Do you have any onions..?

Guy: well no..

Guy: -runs out and touchs barrel- #2SPOOKY4U

Barrel: -disappears in dust-

Guy: Who needs shrek when you have hastags?
by PinaColata37 October 15, 2014

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