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One who wants to live off government freebees instead of working.......one who believes in wealth redistribution.....socialist
I'm a obama child who is to lazy to work and expect the government to take care of me.
by pieces May 10, 2014
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Loose Trousers Syndrome,

Usually affects male ages 15-19 when they come locked in an environment where there are few females worth shagging. The symtoms are a loss of the ability to distnguish the foin grls from the iight grls, overbearing horniness which usually results in the viewing of pornography, and humping any (ANY) chick that will. This disorder can be prevented simply, make all the goblins-gremlins-skeezers-chikenheads-ducks and all other groups of buttface women stay indoors from 6pm-11pm (the freaks come out at night). If you do indeed show signs of any of these symptoms , plan for an extended stay in Palm Beach, Florida; the beautiful women shud raise your standards.
situation: a club

Dang, Dude must have LTS; he jus hopped on a guirilla gal an started grinding!
by Pieces March 05, 2005
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