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A waste of time that teachers come up with to make you bust your ass doing something that will not be of any value to you at all. Not only that, but it's generally on a subject that isn't even relevant to what you want to do in life. Guess what teachers, "What is it stupid kid who's protesting against homework?" kid's life-long passions are being weathered away by all the fucking homework you pour on us, and the only thing between making you "capable" and "incompetent" is a piece of paper that says "I'm smart, give me a good job!"

This kind of horseshit should be determined by your future employer. Not only that but homework is something that's obviously done at home after school hours, now what is wrong with this picture folks? If you want to get someone to learn about something, do it in the place you're supposed to do that in the first place. After school is the time that most kids should be able to look forward to. I don't, because it'll just be more fucking work.

All in all, homework is a bad idea, because it deprives students of morale, sleep, life-long dreams, and entertainment time. How much would it suck to be a teacher who had one of those students who did no homework, but very well on the tests who didn't get accepted to college just because his diploma said he made a C average. Homework is next to pointless, something I don't give a fuckton of shits about, a dream-killer, and should be shunned completely from society.
Teacher: You're making Cs in all of your core classes just because of your homework.

Student: I don't see why it matters, why don't you just exempt me from all homework for the rest of my school life? That takes care of that, I get As across the board.

Teacher: You don't get it, this will help you succeed.

Student: No it won't, it's just dragging me down to the ground.

Teacher: If you would just do your homework...

Student: God damn it! You just fail to listen to reason don't you!?!?! My reasoning is completely legit! You know what, maybe that's what I should do at home, write a 10 page essay describing why homework is inexplicably pointless! GOD DAMN!!!

Teacher: ..........

Student: Like I even give two shits.
by Phoenix_89 January 19, 2010

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