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Any person, not belonging to any particular race or color, that looks to be from a Funk-Soul band. In reality, they are from the future. Come to bless us with the gifts of Groove and Fat Bass solo's, all they want is show peace and love and maybe do some drugs at the same time. Wearing bright, tight, loud, big shouldered clothing with high platform shoes. Afro is the only manditory attire per Funk, Mayor of Funkytown. Commonly seen in plain clothing, you can spot an Afro-Galactic by their large, usually un-groomed Afro.
"Dude, that dude outside my window at work cutting the lawn is totally Afro-Galactic."

(dude cutting grass) "Hi, I'm Maurice. Won't you come take a ride with me on the Grand Funk Railroad? Bring an illegal substace!"
by Phillynate July 24, 2009
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A woman with a small vag, that a stout, strapping young male experiences as a "none shall pass" vagina. No entry here. Well, unless you have a needle dick. "Needle dick, Needle dick"
I followed this fine, thick ass chick back to her pad to play "hide the sausage", but when it came time, The only way to get into the show was with a backstage pass, because she had a tiny dancer.
by phillynate January 28, 2009
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