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N. Someone so infatuated with the Legend of Zelda series that they've learned the Hylian language, have made Link battle sounds, have the Triforce somewhere on their body, refer to something in reality as something from the game, or all of the above.
Chick: That painting of that abstract almond kind of looked like a Deku nut...
Guy: You're definitely a Hylian.
by Phantom Tonberry July 07, 2009

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Overwhelming joy, cheer, or glee.

It is the interjection automatically guessed and placed for "hurray" when using the word-texting feature on a cell phone.
Billy: Man, I gotta do this history homework before I can hit the party tonight...

Bob: Boo history. Huspaz for party time!
by Phantom Tonberry May 29, 2009

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A combination of the words "what," "did," and "you" quickly bunched together in conversation and sometimes in text.

It is usually used by even the most snobbiest English perfectionists without knowing it.
Student: I finally saw The Sound of Music.
English Teacher: Really?! Whadju think of it?
by Phantom Tonberry July 07, 2009

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Verb. When one is pranked by the infamously scary Burger King King. This may involve waking up at an early hour, only to have your friends coinciding with the Burger King's prank, as he himself points his finger and laughs inaudibly at you while you freak out.
Man: Dude, you won't believe this! I was sleeping, then I was woken up by the Burger King! Right there! In my bed! He tried to offer me a Whopper, but I refused, so he fled out my window!
Dude: Man, you got Kinged? Scary...
by Phantom Tonberry August 10, 2009

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