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A Sex Postion dating back to the Bible, Its has Many Names such as;
Serving the Cervix
Winding The Womb
Brutal Blow
The Ol'162
Fallopian Fatality.
When a Male is Inserting his Penis in to the Womans Vagina On first Entry To make the woman Wetter, he simply Lifts Her Legs up (Face Height) and Jumps. Slamming the Woman Down Either Head First on her her back, then if she hits hard enough, depending on penis size, it will rocket right up into her maybe causing womb damage.

(NOTE) This will only Work if you Penis Is Large Enough and Has an exceptional Girth.
Hey Jim, i Turtle top Slammed Your Nan last night, Her Minge is the Size of the Grand Canyon.

OI You Prick,I Gave your dead Mum a Fallopian Fatality.

Person one:Going out to meet my Girlfriend to Night!
Person Two:Ohh You going to Meet Third base.
Person one:You bet ill Give Her The Ol'162

I cant wait to give your Daughter TheOl' Turtle Top Slam she is Buff and Tight, Init.
by Peter Crotch November 18, 2006
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1. A small japanese eye slit looking hole at the tip of your bellend where you urinate out of.
Henry and Mavis where playing cards when Mavislost she Punished Henry By Forking hos Japseye!
by Peter Crotch November 18, 2006
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1.Big or bulky, in physical appearance.


3.Describing an object/body part as being big.
Mary: What you up to Jack?
Jack: Im looking for things on google.
Mary: Like what, Jack?
Jack: Err... like Hench Cock.
(Mary Smiles)

Look at the size of that immense vein on his hench cock.

Woahh, That Gay Mans Hench. wonder how how "hench" his Cock is!
by Peter Crotch November 18, 2006
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