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What is a hipster fuckfest? Oddly enough, there is nothing sexual about it. It's just a phrase my friends and I have been using for the last 10 years to describe a gathering, place, or scene that is overrun by hipsters, especially the tragically hip variety.
"Hey, want to go see that MGMT show at Holocene?" "Hell, no - that's going to be a hipster fuckfest."
by Pete Best, Graffiti Table February 18, 2008

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A term used by web industry folks to describe the average computer user (a reference to the classic average-guy name of Joe Sixpack).

This person probably uses a PC and has just recently upgraded from dial-up and a CRT monitor. They surf the web on an out-of-date browser like Internet Explorer 6. They use a few basic apps like Outlook, Excel, and Word and call in their teenagers to help them email a photo. They do not blog, twitter or use RSS feeds, but do frequent eBay and Amazon.com.
Please make that Buy Now link a blinking red button, or Joe SixApp will never find it.
by Pete Best, Graffiti Table June 11, 2008

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The feeling you get when your viewing of a movie or tv show is abruptly cut off by faulty equipment, power outage, scratched dvd or act of God. Especially appropriate when viewing shadily acquired bootlegged or downloaded materials. The term is a reference to blue balls.
"I was watching that divx file of There Will Be Blood you downloaded and it crapped out halfway through. Now I have view balls, you tease."
by Pete Best, Graffiti Table February 18, 2008

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