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Why you should not Fap
- Energy Boost

- Increased Testosterone

- You become extremely successful if you set goals

- Makes you more attractive to female

- It helps you to be spiritual to Christ

- It helps you see the true reality of life on this earth
- Makes you smarter, More focussed

- Eliminates Stress, Worries, etc
Tips to never relapse on NoFap
- Pray consistently daily

- Take cold showers, & workout
- Delete social media & Block inappropriate content in your browser in settings
- Avoid Comfort zone, such as Gaming, hangouts, etc
- Set Right Diet

- Remove anything negative in your phone
- Avoid looking at hot girls at malls/anywhere
- Read more, learn why is you want to retain your seed
- Watch NoFap Tips from peoples experience on YouTube
- Dont give your urges~sexual thoughts momentum
- Believe that you can succeed further on
- If living with family & like to always be isolated, AVOID IT
- Stop Chasing females, Complete yourself & Love will complete you.

- Help/communicate with friends/cousins to help solve your problem
- “Your not missing out on anything”
- Fornication, Lust leads to hell as it’s considered as a SIN~~ AVOID PLZ
by Perfect2028 November 22, 2021
2028 is the End Of The World, Jesus will Return that year of rapture
by Perfect2028 May 26, 2021