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1.A hot nerd whos a genius-so ingenius he makes other men cry.
2.A sexy man beast with a great butt.
3. The name your girlfriend screams during intercourse-if its your name or not.
1. "Dude Mark is such an A.J he made me cry-hes soo smart."
2." Oh my god did you see his butt, he is such an A.J"
3. "So last night my girlfriend shouted 'OH A.J! The problem is thats not my name..."
by Pepper_Moto March 15, 2010

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A man with lots of hair on his body. He is oftin confused for a warewolf or a jew, but is simply a very hairy man. Hair oftin sticks out the sleves or collar of his shirt's and he has out of control pubic hair. the latest sighting is the Yeti an man who is simply a Rug Man but is confused for a monster. Sam thing goes for gorillas some Dark skined Rug Men are put in a cage after being confused for gorilla.

Rug Men wont take off thier shirts at the beach and oftin times are very insecure. They come in many different colors and sizes. No rug man is alike and most dont like it when you pet their hair.
"Julie omg David is such a rug man i thought he was the great white ape at first."
"My boyfriend is such a rug man he wont take his shirt off at the beach."
by pepper_moto March 15, 2010

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