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Inseminate is when a guy is fucking a girl in the vagina and then you hear: "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! *EXPLODE*"

Which means that the guy has blasted out all of his sperm into the girl's vagina over the course of about 30 seconds where the girl feels his hard dick pulsating rhythmically as his penis floods her vagina with each wave of semen that he's blowing out.
Girl to hot guy: "I want you to fuck me HARD! I don't want you to wear a condom and be all gentle the whole time like a prissy little bitch - I want you to FUCK ME LIKE A MAN! INSEMINATE ME! - I want every last drop of your sperm DEEP inside of me!"
by Penisboy123 December 31, 2010

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A Sperm Donor is a guy who goes to a Sperm Bank/Clinic and masturbates until he ejaculate all of his sperm into a cup. Then the clinic is supposed to give it to a girl who wants to have a kid.

The sperm donor's intention is to merely gets paid for donating his sperm and have no financial responsibilities for the child that comes from the girl who injects his sperm into her vagina! - Period!

However, some girls try to sue the guy who donated his semen to her for child support, KNOWING that the guy only donated his sperm cuz he thought he wouldn't have to support the child!
*Location: Sperm Clinic*

Smart, successful and sexy teenage boy (18 years old) after masturbating and ejaculating out all of his sperm turns to the nurse and says: "Okay, here's my sperm.- This is anonymous and I won't have to pay child support later cuz that's what a sperm donor is, right?"

Nurse: Absolutely! Now here's your $600 for your donation.

****** 9 Months Later*****

Girl who injected the guys sperm and birthed a baby gets a lawyer to call the guy who jacked off for money: "Hello, your sperm was responsible for the birth of this child, so I'll see you in court to discuss you paying child support to this girl for the next EIGHTEEN YEARS!


Lawyer: Federal Law: Your Sperm=Your Baby. - See you in court.

***The End***
by Penisboy123 December 31, 2010

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