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used in agreement with someone or about something, a reply to someone as a form of yes, yeah and so on.
dude thats sound as!

thats totally sound

ah sound count me in!

Sweet dude thats sound!

Ah sound!
by Peggy the pirate November 30, 2007

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The phrase Chav means: Council House Adolescent Vermin
Chavs (Council House Adolescent Vermin ) are usually people who would wear Fake Brands, for example Fake Burberry. Also mostly wear tracksuits and sports kit. Can be known to have there tracksuits tucked into there socks, have the really greasy hair from over use of hair gels and other cheep brands, known to drink mostly Stella and/or WKD. Can also look like they are trying to be black and gangster like. (note chavs are white!)
by Peggy the pirate November 30, 2007

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Reggae is a music genre first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s.

While sometimes used in a broader sense to refer to most types of Jamaican music, the term reggae more properly denotes a particular music style that originated following on the development of ska and rocksteady. Reggae is based on a rhythm style characterized by regular chops on the off-beat, known as the skank. The tempo is generally slower than that found in ska and rocksteady. Reggae usually has accents on the 2nd and 4th beat in each bar, there being four beats in a bar.

Reggae is often associated with the Rastafari movement, an influence on many prominent reggae musicians from its inception. Reggae song lyrics deal with many subjects, including faith, love, relationships, poverty, injustice and other broad social issues.

Reggae: same beat rythem more or less the whole way through.
by peggy the pirate November 30, 2007

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hotel toast - someone who used to be hot... but isn't now.
he used to be really hot... but now he's hotel toast

by peggy the pirate December 10, 2007

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A friendly insolt to a friend who as done something wrong.
You prune you!


Back in your Fruit Bowl Prune
by peggy the pirate November 30, 2007

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