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A blood donation (such as to the red cross) motivated by the will to put one's body in a state that will become more affected by alcohol.
"I'm kind of low on cash, so I think im going to make an Inebriation Donation before I go to the byob party tonight."
by Pearldrums August 19, 2008
n. (noun)
An oral language used to talk about the noise coming from the percussion section when one or more parties in the conversation cannot read percussion music. It is spoken largely by Drummers, Bassists, Conductors, and a select few others.
Guitarist: "um... yeah, I want you to do that one thing with your snare and the um..."

Bassist: "I think in Drummer Speak he means 'Dum-ka-tick-ka CHA CHA CHA-ka-dum-kah-dum dum kah-dum-kah-tick-kah-chick-kah-tick-kah duh-kah-duh tsss~."

Drummer: "Oh, sure."
by Pearldrums April 19, 2010