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Hispanic booty warrior- hispanic that loves to eat ass
Nick I heard you were a #HBW, you eat ass?
That's right, I love my dudes hbw. The type that wonna eat your ass then eat some lunch with you. So hispanic that everybody else in the room is so unconfortable.
by peanut.butter April 04, 2015

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The name of a girl who was thought to be a boy until delivery, hence the 'Sean' with the Suffix 'ette' it is a name that is simple while pushing the boundaries of originality, and can be used by any race. Men named Seanette curse the heavens that made them and go by sean. Women with this name tend to be optimists and are attractive; they are Ravenesque in nature and Man-eaters, like the song. known to laugh easily and deal with stress by taking their half full cup and filling it up till it runneth over. Seanettes are a unique and enjoy being undefined as having a definition will box in their freedom of will and spirit. The name Seanette equates to beauty, empathy, and love. Also see booty .
whoa-o here she comes, Seanette boy, she'll chew you up..."
by Peanut.butter February 03, 2010

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