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The second intifada, in which terrorism and suicide bombings have been used against Israeli civilians, was started when Arafat (leader of the PLO) rejected a deal by Israel in which Israel offered to give 93% of the PLO's land demands. The next night, Arafat would begin an armed rebellion against Israel rather than accepting a treaty which would have given him all the land he wanted. The Palestinians are using more than rocks, although stonings can be very violent too, causing death and serious injury. They have Qasem rockets. They have grenades. They have M-16's and Kalashnikovs Ed.: Russian made assault rifles. Arafat demanded weapons claiming he needed an armed police force to keep order. Those guns, provided by none other than Israel, have been linked with numerous terrorist attacks. Many weapons have been smuggled in from Egypt as well. The Palestinian police ARE the terrorists such as Fatah and Al Aksa. Currently the Palestinians, have self-rule under the Oslo accords yet persist in attacking Israel.
The intifada is not a noble uprising, and is most definetely not a way to create a peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
by Peace wanter February 24, 2005
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