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Someone who doesn't eat and/or use anything from the animal kingdom (except humans). Some vegans are dietary only, just for health reasons only. Some are ethical, which are people that not only eat vegan, but do vegan, wear vegan and live vegan.

Some vegans are endorsers of animal rights groups, like PETA, in which I fucking hate. But some aren't endorsers of any animal rights group, which is perfectly fine.
Vegans, if we are herbivores, try eating grass. 99.694201337% of the time when you eat it, you'll vomit. And also, try eating tree leaves RAW. Herbivores have a PLEASURE to eat raw grass/raw tree leaves. We only eat certain types of leaves like lettuce, kale and spinach.
by Pawn of Sex April 17, 2016

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A person who only eats piss and scat.
My friend is a kinky piss-scatarian!
by Pawn of Sex February 28, 2016

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