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Pretty awesome show that used to air on Nick. It was about a group of four kids that loved to hang doing many sports and even do extreme sports! Reggie Rocket is the only girl in the gang since not only is she that sister of Otto Rocket, but she is very athletic and tomboyish. Otto is like a jock in that he is really competitive and can get ugly jealous if some one steals his thunder, but usually he can get over it. Twister (Maurice) is also athletic, and handles making videos of Otto and the gang tearing up the pipe or doing awesome moves anywhere else. Sam (squid) is the latest member of the gang and took up the position of squid from twist after he moved. He's from Kansas, and is your average kid who is usually on the smarts and electronics side. When he tries at sports, he gets the hang of it, but isn't as good as the others. Together they play many sports and even hang out at a restaurant that their dad owns. The show did have funny moments as well as some serious ones. It helped kids want to go out side more, and it's way better than most to maybe 90% of the shows that air on now a days...
Also shoobie on the show was a term for people that wore shoes or even sandals with socks on the beach. (SHOE-BEAch) This is based from an episode as well as wikipedia.

It's not everyone's favorite show, but it was a cartoon and some either just didn't get the humor, style it was drawn in, or just the show in general.
Person 1: Dude, I wish that Rocket power was still on Nick!

Person 2: Ah, Man! me too!
by Passerby93 March 15, 2013

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